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Mercedes-Benz LA922 "Ténéré"
Due to its extraordinary robustness, the LA911 continues to enjoy great popularity even today, epecially in Near East countries.

Nice presents

Mercedes-Benz Classic Watch
A proverbial classic: this retangular watch with a brushed stainless-steel case.

Vehicle Care

Our exclusive cleaning products have been recommended by specialists and proved by experts. All of them are available individually or as a care-set for outside and inside, especially for the leather-care, or even as a complete-set.


Η φημισμένη "Mercedes Benz Collection" είναι διαθέσιμη για τα μέλη του Club. Μέσω On-Line Shop δίνεται η δυνατότητα παραγγελίας οποιουδήποτε είδους, απλώς χρησιμοποιώντας σαν κωδικό πρόσβασης τον προσωπικό σας κωδικό, που ευρίσκεται στην πίσω όψη της Κάρτας Μέλους.  

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